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Save South Sudanese Orphans and Widows

We Aim to Aid and Support Orphans and Widows of War Affected Families in South Sudan South Sudan has been devastated by decades of wars. These wars have caused a number of social, cultural and economic tribulations to South Sudanese civilians. According to UNICEF, 225,000 children are malnourished and 50, 000 of these children that are severely malnourished could die by the end of this year if proper nutrition, clean water, and immunizations are not provided to them. We take this initiative very seriously because most of these children are under five years of age andlack basic human necessities. Most of these children have lost loved ones and the effect of war is coming after them. By supporting SSSOW, we can stop famine in South Sudan by providing clean water, nutrition and immunizations to a number of children projected to die without the resources we hope to provide. Our goal is to increase awareness so that we can respond to these crises. We are asking you to get involved by hosting a fundraising event or inviting a speaker to talk about the current situation in South Sudan. We are also accepting donations of any kind from those who would like to support us in making a difference in orphans and widows lives. Through a donation of just $1, you can provide three lifesaving food items to children that are suffering from severe malnutrition.


Our plan is to build a primary school that will provide education to many refugees, orphans and widows that return to South Sudan from refugee camps and those that are already in South Sudan. These education programs will provide basic education to thousands of orphans and widows. .
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Save South Sudanese Orphans & Widows
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